Candidates need to meet with various eligibilities for acquiring admissions in recognized engineering colleges. In 2013, education boards gave pretty much importance to 12th standard marks. It was declared that students must have got decent marks in 12th class’s physics, chemistry and maths along with the marks of entrance examinations. Therefore, candidates need to work hard right from high school for making a better career in the engineering profession.


According to particular engineering branch, students need to work well in specific subjects. Only the selection of non-medical in 12th class is not enough. But, students should also develop the better understanding on particular subjects before starting the 4-year engineering degree. You must set your engineering goals right from the high school. Let us learn some requirements that students must fulfill in schools for acquiring admissions in popular engineering colleges. Here you can also know about qualifications required for MBA admission .

High School Academic Course Requirements

As there are a large number of branches in which students can complete the engineering degrees, so it is necessary to have basic knowledge about specific engineering subjects. By having particular engineering knowledge, students can start working in the specific direction as needed in the engineering degree. Below are some engineering courses and various subjects taught in high school:

  1. Electrical and Engineering Course – It is one of the most common engineering course. Candidates learn pretty much about suitable power machines, devices, and tools under this engineering course. They study physics, chemistry and other basic subjects in the first year of this educational course. And in subsequent years, candidates learn about definite electrical subjects. In the high school, students must work well on these topics for becoming a better electrical engineer:
  • Calculus and vectors
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • English
  • Advanced Functions

More than 70% marks are required in all these subjects for appearing in popular entrance examinations.

Engineering eligibility-criteria

  1. Software Engineering Course – The second engineering course that contains particular designing material is called as CS or IT course. After understanding basic subjects in the first year, candidates study particular designing ad language subjects for becoming a better software engineer, Another thing which is required for doing wonders in software engineering is better coding knowledge.

Candidates must do a particular programming course in 11th or 12th class for becoming a decent software engineer.

Students must have specific work experience under one or more high-level language for availing better results. The most popular languages that are taught in software engineering courses are

  • JAVA
  • C, C++
  • PHP
  • IOS
  • MY SQL

Candidates who want to become better software engineer should focus on computer fundamentals right from the schooling period. Students should attend practical classes that occur in the computer labs. Almost all the schools have made it compulsory to pass the computer subject with decent marks. Therefore, the success of a software engineer depends pretty much on the computer fundamentals studied during the schooling period.

  1. Chemical Engineering Course – This engineering course contains specific chemistry concepts. Although the chemical engineering course also explains about physics, maths concepts it largely focuses on chemistry issues. Some particular chemistry concepts that are studied in the chemical engineering courses are
  • Chemical Equilibrium Concept
  • Stoichiometry
  • Periodic Table
  • Lewis Structure
  • Rate of Chemical Reactions

School students need to focus on these concepts for completing chemical engineering degree with decent marks. Also, specific entrance examinations contain the chemistry problems related to these concepts. So, candidates need to work pretty hard on these chemistry concepts for clearing entrance exams.

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Other Requirements for Engineering Degree

  • Candidates must study four specific units English especially the composition and literature unit
  • Candidates must understand three particular units in science and social studies
  • Candidates need to study particular algebra, geometry and trigonometry units
  • Candidates need to have good knowledge about particular communication language especially English


Students who want to take admission in decent engineering college needs to work hard right from the schooling period. They require more than 60% marks in 12th class physics, maths, chemistry and one vocational subject. They need to work pretty much on particular engineering subjects. They need to study algebra, geometry, calculus, composition and literature concepts. If a students work well in academics right from the time when he/she starts education then only he/she can become the better engineer in the particular field.