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The Top 6 Benefits of Becoming an Engineer

Engineering, the application to solve physical problems offers a wonderful career. Through the 4 year engineering course, you can not only learn about different tools, devices but can also acquire physical skills by working himself on the machines and benefits. Students opt for engineering because of several reasons. Whether it is the through parents will or it is through own choice, students would surely get benefits from the engineering. But one thing is compulsory student needs to do engineering degree in particular branch without utmost seriousness and sincerity. If you are serious right from the beginning then only you can make a better career in engineering. This article provides you essential information about top 6 benefits that can be acquired by becoming an engineer.


1. Jobs


The first and important benefit of selecting engineering is that a person can get the job at very early age. Unlike other professions in which persons need to spend pretty much time in gaining experience, in engineering a student can stand on his/her feet just after a span of four years. Also, people would not have the fear of losing engineering jobs after acquiring it once. Pretty much satisfication is provided by engineering jobs. Last but not least engineering jobs provide increment more early than the government and other profession jobs. Earn decent amounts of money and work for lesser times by selecting the engineering degree.

2. Huge Career Opportunities

career apportunity

If you are new to engineering, then you need to know that you can mould your career in different pathways after once selecting the B.Tech degree. Whether you want to become an astronaut, a scientist, a president or a filmmaker, you can do that by studying the specific degree. According to your choice and requirements, you can earn decent amount of money by selecting the specific engineering course. Along with the regular 4 year degree, students can also learn other medical and law courses. Thus, you can enhance your different skills by selecting the engineering degree.

3. Difficult Work

Hard Work

You need to know that any engineering job is not very easy. You need to learn a lot about working on different tools and machines. You would be assigned tough tasks that need to be completed in shorter durations. By operating the mind in different strategies, students acquire a better knowledge of any particular work. He/she gets good information for finishing specific work. Only an engineer who had practice a lot on different tools can perform difficult and complicated work.

4. Creativity


By spending pretty much time on certain numerical and questions, candidates acquire certain mental skills. They learn how to solve difficult tasks in the lesser amount of time. By working on various machines, tools and machines students develop large number of skills. If students themselves work on tools, they observe the changes and never forgot the strategy of implementing particular tasks. In particular 6-week and 6-month training, students are made to work on real-world problems; open-ended system and other applications. They are made to find the solutions to the problems by using their mind. All these things result in creativity and innovation. Students come up with better results and go on acquiring more and more success in specific technology.

5. Need


Another benefit is that engineering profession has a very bright future. It is impossible to calculate the time when we would not require electronic gadgets, cars, motorcycles and other machines. We can imagine our life without all these machines. Therefore, particular mechanical, electronics and software engineers are needed for designing the materials needed by the society. One thing is assure that you can’t sit idle after doing a four year bachelors degree.

6. Financial Benefits

Financial Benefit

Along with other benefits, engineer also avail some financial benefits. IT companies offer very high packages to meritorious and bright engineering students. Also, candidates get travelling and accommodation charges from the companies. After spending 3 months in the software companies, candidates get great amount of growth. It would be not wrong in saying that engineers enjoy a lavish lifestyle.


Many wonderful benefits can be availed by becoming an engineer. A person can get the decent job by completing the 4 engineer degree. According to the preference an engineer can become an astronaut, a scientist, a president or a filmmaker. Candidates acquire huge sense of creativity in the four-year engineer course. It is important to realize that engineering has a very bright future. Engineers can enjoy a lavish lifestyle because of very high salary.

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What qualification required for MBA admission?

The MBA or Master’s in Business Administration program has become a much sought after degree in India and especially Punjab. Over the years the demand for higher education has sky rocketed with more and more students acquiring college degrees. Employers in major corporations, including tech and IT are looking for MBA graduates in Sales, finance, marketing and even Economics.

Mba admission

The level playing field has been raised and the job market in India has become even more competitive than before. More and more students in India and Punjab are opting out of the conventional engineering or medical fields to pursue MBA programs in the hope of broadening their career options. The MBA program offers not only broader career options, but better salaries, business opportunities and better management positions in MNC’S as well other large corporates.

The year 2013-2014 saw a meteoric rise in the number of B-Schools offering MBA programs. The approximate surge in B-schools climbed from only 3000 in 2009-10 to a staggering 4500 in 2013-14. As more students opted for the degree, the rising demand necessitated the creation of several tier 3 and tier 4 business schools. Most if not all these b-schools offer the MBA program in regular, part time as well as distance learning formats. While most students choose the regular format of attending B-schools because of the obvious benefits of networking and being part of a larger consolidate business network, many still opt for the part time and distance learning formats to earn the MBA degree, which by itself promises better career options.

While different schools, including the leading IIM’s and other top schools such as the Indian School of Business (ISB) and S.P. Jain Institute of Management have certain special MBA qualification requirements, on the whole, the basic qualification requirements for an MBA degree remain the same.

Let’s look at the basic qualification requirements for an MBA program in India:

  1. You should have passed your 10+2 exams.
  2. You should have secured at least 50% in any subject in a graduate/college degree or 45 % for SC/ST or persons with disability (PWD) category.

Note: The Bachelor program should be a minimum format of at least 3 years or 4 years.

  1. As mentioned above there are 3 different ways of securing the degree: distance learning, regular and part time.
  2. In the event of a CGPA system the equivalent percentage would be based on the equivalence certified by the university / institution from where they have obtained bachelor’s degree.
  3. Take either the CAT OR MAT exams. (CAT is the common admissions test for MBA’s and MAT is the Management aptitude test.)
  4. Depending on how you score, in any of the above exams, you can qualify for different top B-schools in the country.

Here is a short list of the best B-schools in India:

  1. IIM, Ahmedabad
  2. IIM, Delhi
  3. IIM, Calcutta
  4. IIM, Bangalore
  5. ISB

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